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 DC Universe Online

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PostSubject: DC Universe Online   Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:18 am

Well, if all goes according to plan (ie this game doesn't turn into a shit pile like XIV did) this is the next MMO I will play until D3. I've never been one for comic books, I've never even read one outside of the AvP universe, and I've never really gotten into superhero games or lore. I never played City of Heroes, though I remember hearing it was a good game back in the day. That said, this game looks fucking sick. A cool thing that it has over CoH is that it's actually a licensed superhero game. It was supposed to come out this month, but got pushed back to (probably) Feb. 2011. That's good. It shows that they're doing all they can to make it work and not be faggots like Square.

Early trailer